Professional Air blow guns and Transfer pumps


Air blow guns

Blowing with compressed air it’s common in many indusrial operations, such as cleaning, drying, or cooling objects. AMPLA's Airset blow guns can help you improve your working environment with an efficient and silent blowing

Transfer pumps

Electrical and manual pumps. AMPLA's Carbuset pumps are designed for drum application. suitable for different industries and fluids. light weight, easy handling and made of high quality materials. All pumps are available in a complete kit, ready to use!

Liquid transfer accessories

Jugs, Coolant cans, Funnels and Oilers. Useful for fluid handling during transfer

Air hoses

Linear and Spiral hoses for pneumatic tools, air compressed systems

Company profile

Since 1960. AMPLA relies on his experience and knowledge, gathered with plastic molding, to produce Air blow guns and Transfer pumps. A family business, in which quality, safety, innovation and customer care are the most important values. Today AMPLA works on the Italian and International market.

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