Professional Air blow guns and Transfer pumps

Air blow guns

Blowing with compressed air it’s common in many indusrial operations, such as cleaning, drying, or cooling objects. AMPLA's Airset blow guns can help you improve your working environment with an efficient and silent blowing

Safe and professional Air Blowing

All Ampla Airset safety blow guns have a high blowing force, low air consumption and low noise level. They are designed for a professional employment; and, with their ergonomic design, reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

In industry, manual blowing with compressed air is common when cleaning, drying or cooling objects.

Ampla Airset blow guns offer three benefits:

  • Safe: high quality construction materials and a monitored production process. Blow guns are manufactured at our facilities in Aicurzio (MB), Italy. Each blow gun is tested during its production
  • Quiet: Noise can be harmful to the workers. Our blowguns can improve your working environment reducing the noise levels.
  • Energy saving: Our blow guns are designed for an optimized use of compressed air.

Each blow gun is designed for a specific application. In fact, they can be useful in various industries, such as repair shops, woodworking, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive.

Ampla has the right solution for your compressed air blowing!