Professional and safe blow guns

Mouse blow gun

The first blow gun that can be operated in vertical, for top air connection. Grip and handle are designed for vertical air supply connection. This offers the best safety and ergonomics for these applications; especially when repetitive use occurs.

Airset MOUSE is one of the most ergonomic blow guns in our range: it can reduce possible strain injuries to the hand, wrist and arm. Blow gun is suitable for many different purposes as blow-off, cleaning and drying tasks. Designed with rugged material and variable air flow. This blow gun is very easy-handling and durable.

Blow gun is operated only with the thumb or hand palm. These features make this blow gun suitable for repetitive industrial applications like production-lines. Airset MOUSE blow gun offers a built-in hanging hook.

Key features

  • Designed for top air connection
  • Minimum physical effort: blow gun is operated only with the thumb or hand palm
  • Fits both small and large hands.
  • Solid built in female ¼" brass connection
  • Metal parts are made of stainless steel: corrosion resistant
  • Different nozzles available, for many professional industrial applications
  • Impact resistant body
  • Variable air flow
  • Hanging hook included