Professional and safe blow guns


Cod. RME SL10 02

With safety silenced nozzle, for a high noise reduction. Nozzle is designed for sensitive operations, like car cleaning or drying delicate parts; where it's important to preserve the surface. Nozzle offers a wide flow for cleaning surfaces, objects and machinery.

Why use a pressure reduced blow gun? 

  • Noise reduction: Air flow is very quiet.
  • Energy saving: Built in pressure reducer from 6 bar, to 3.5 bar (or 6 bar to 2 bar), allows to consume less air.
  • Safety: blow guns meet European and OSHA regulation; Suva Pro certification as well.


Blow gun can be operated in vertical, for top air connection. Grip and handle are designed for vertical air supply connection. This offers the best safety and ergonomics for these applications; especially when repetitive use occurs.


Blowing force (with a 6bar - 90psi inlet) 0,9 N
Air consumption (with a 6bar - 90psi inlet) 170 l/m -  6 scfm
Sound level (with a 6bar - 90psi inlet) 75 dB(A)
Connection 1/4" BSP
Weight 136 g - 0,30 lbs
Working temperature -10°/70°
Max. Pressure 6 Bar - 90 psi
Nozzle length  19 mm - 0,70"


Handle Acetal
Connection Brass
Valve Acetal and stainless steel
Body Acetal
Nozzle Rubber


Code Description Connection Output pressure (with 6 bar / 90 psi inlet) Blowing force (with 6 bar / 90 psi inlet) Air consumption (with 6 bar / 90 psi inlet) Sound level (with 6 bar / 90 psi inlet)
RME SL10 02 Mouse Pressure Reducer Sil 1/4" BSP 3,5 0,9 N 170 l/m - 6 scfm 75 dB(A)
RMA SL10 07 Mouse Pressure Reducer Sil USA 1/4" NPT 2 0,6 N 80 l/m - 2,83 scfm 60 dB(A)


OSHA 1910.95 (b)
Max. 90 dB 8h

OSHA STD 1-13.1
Max. 2 bar / 30 psi if the tip becomes blocked

EU 2003/10/CE
Max. 85 dB

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