Chemicals Applications


Ampla offers a range of professional products for companies which deals with chemical substances

  • Air blow guns
  • Transfer pumps

They are useful products for cleaning and degreasing operations.

Industrial environments have dirty areas that are difficult to clean, this requires the use of specific products able to satisfy different cleaning needs. This, within companies, is not a sporadic action, but a daily one. The chemicals must not damage the machinery, but ensure its durability over time.

Ampla designed a range of products useful for chemical transferring like: detergent, solvent, acid, degreaser, additive or alkaline.

Ampla, in addition to transfer pumps, offers a range of air blow guns, for cleaning, resistant to aggressive liquids; for example lubricants from a milling machine.


Why choose our products ?

  • Safety

This is the main feature of our products


Industries which use chemicals expose workers to health risks, such as: acute and chronic poisoning, chemical burns, etc.

Ampla aims to protect workers when carrying out operations using chemicals. When handling liquids it is important to work with compatible materials that ensure the purity of the liquid.

The transfer pumps have metal parts, made of stainless steel to make them resistant to corrosion and long-lasting.

Air blow guns offer nozzles made of stainless steel and resistant to corrosion and atmospheric agents.




How our products work

Transfer pumps are used for:

  • Detergent, solvent, acids, degreaser, additive, alkaline drum transferring
  • Machinery tank filling
  • Industrial tanks filling
  • Tanks, containers, cans refuelling
  • Liquids withdrawal

Our products are useful for fluid handling operations in industrial environments, Ampla offers a series of transfer pumps for chemical substances suitable for the most aggressive types.


Air blow guns are used for:

  • Drying pieces after cleaning/washing
  • Work benches cleaning
  • Cleaning pieces from coolant liquids or lubricants after process

Ampla air blow guns are robust, resistant (able to withstand aggressive chemical environments) and comfortable to use in various application industries. Their primary use is to clean areas in which resistant and aggressive liquids are present.