AdBlue®/DEF Applications


AdBlue®/DEF is a special additive that reduces harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). It's designed for diesel engines.

AdBlue® is filled into the vehicle through a dedicated tank.


The German Association of Vehicle manufacturers, Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA), has defined that quality standards must be maintained in accordance with the ISO 22241 specification.

It is necessary to comply with ISO 22241 to transfer the AdBlue®/DEF liquid.

This specification is necessary for the materials compatible with the liquid (they must guarantee the correct functioning of the vehicle) and for transfer safety, and handling devices as well.


How AdBlue®/DEF works?

AdBlue®/DEF is made of 32.5% urea (organic chemical compound) and 67.5% demineralized water (water from which the saline component has been extracted).

During refueling, the solution could be contaminated, creating possible damage to the car. The containment, transport and decanting process should only be carried out using suitable materials.

To meet these standards, Ampla offers a transfer pump suitable for handling AdBlue/DEF in complete safety.


How our products work

Transfer pumps are used for:

  • Adblue®/DEF refuelling
  • Adblue®/DEF tanks filling
  • Adblue®/DEF drum transferring

Ampla offers AP 50 lever action barrel pump, for Adblue®/DEF transferring

This pump can be installed on a drum. Allowing a comfortable and safe Adblue®/DEF transferring

Our products are durable and resistant