Garages and body shops applications

Garages and body shops

Ampla offers a range of professional products like:

  • Transfer pumps, for fluid handling;
  • Air blow guns, for surfaces and machinery cleaning

these tools are used everyday in the garages and body shops.

Companies use AMPLA blow guns to save energy, increase work speed and guarantee workers safety.

Ampla technology generates an efficient air flow, which can decrease energy costs 

Our production goes from air blow guns to transfer pumps; spiral hoses also.


Why choose our products ?

  • Quality
  • Time saving
  • Safety

These are the 3 main features of our technologies

Ampla offers a wide range of transfer pumps, for fluid handling and waste oil transferring. Moreover, our air blow guns are easy to use and can help save energy.


Certified quality

At Ampla we believe that quality is one of the most important features of our products. Professionals in the garages need quality and durable products, able to guarantee their customer needs

Ampla is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified. Our certified quality is the proof that company has implemented and respected all the quality management standards



Ampla guarantees speed and flexibility, which allow garages and bodyshops to meet customers needs. Ampla offers many professional kits, ready to use

In our wide Kit range, Ampla offers the best:

  • Cleaning kit: composed of air blow guns, hoses, accessories and kit for different air compressed application
  • Transfer kit: for fluid handling

All Ampla kits can be customized depending on customer needs

Our industrial gaskets range offers a wide choice of o-rings, elastomer parts, punched gaskets and o-ring kits.



Blow guns can expose workers to injuries, especially hearing loss and eye injuries. For this reason, garages and body shops workers, should not understimate noise generated by tools.

Our products can reduce noise level and they are designed to reduce possible injuring risk during the compressed air blowing. Ampla products combine low noise level with air flow efficiency.

In most of Ampla products, like AIRSET TUCANO 130S (an excellent product for safety and resistance), air stream it is passed through a large number of small holes so some of the noise is produced at low frequencies that cannot damage hearing.




How our products work

Our production goes from air blowguns to transfer pumps; spiral hoses also. Designed to improve working environment, save energy, improve quality.

Air blow guns are used for:

  • Dry pieces after washing
  • Debris cleaning
  • Cleaning before painting
  • Tools cleaning
  • Cleaning of parts/objects
  • Cleaning of maching chips

Air blow guns are mainly used for tools, machinery, parts cleaning; also floors and the entire work area.


Transfer pumps are used for:

  • Waste oil transferring
  • Tank refuelling
  • Adblue®/DEF refuelling
  • Widescreen washing liquid tranferring
  • Motor oil refuelling

Ampla offers a wide range of transfer pumps, for liquids transferring

They are professional tools, durable, high quality. Suitable for liquid transferring in various industries, such as automotive.


Spiral hoses are used for:

  • Pneumatic tools (small or big) connection
  • Fluid passage (for example: detergent)

It's the best solution for air compressed systems and for fluid passage.

Ampla's spiral hoses are fiitted with plastic spring guard: scratchproof. Easy to use thanks to the swiveling fittings. They are a durable and high quality product.