Metal Working Applications

Metal Working

Ampla offers a range of professional products for machinery cleaning and maintenance; like:

  • Air blow guns, for surfaces cleaning or tools, parts drying.
  • Transfer pumps, for drum transferring operations

To use during metal working

During metal working, like chip removal, turning, grinding, lots of chips are generated; which need to be removed by the workers.

Ampla designed a range of air blow guns, useful for machinery cleaning, in complete safety.

To ensure machinery life, it is necessary to carry out the correct handling of the coolant fluids, in fact Ampla offers a range of transfer pumps and accessories useful for the operator.

Our production offers air blow guns and transfer pumps.


Why choose our products ?

  • Long life
  • Safety

Below you will find our products features

Long life

Like all industries, even companies that operate professionally in metalworking need tools that do not damage the machinery.

Ampla's air blow guns and transfer pumps allow a correct and simple maintenance of the machinery. With our products, useful for the cleaning of machinery and fluid handling without contaminating liquids, we ensure an enhanced use and optimal life of the machinery.



Using blow guns with compressed air can expose the operator to physical hazards, such as floating chips or dust when cleaning machinery. It is important to be aware of these risks, in order to operate safely.

Our range of air blow guns offers easy handling, high quality. Also, it can increase operator safety thanks to protection nozzles and correct blowing distance.

Liquids cannot be transferred directly and even using a funnel does not guarantee the necessary safety.

Many risks can occur, for example:

  • Fall risk due to dirty surfaces
  • Skin injuries due to chemicals


Ampla confirms that transfer pumps are an investment for your co-workers health and safety




How our products work

Air blow guns are used for:

  • Chips removing
  • Parts or components cooling
  • Pieces drying
  • Surfaces cleaning

Air blow guns are mainly used for cleaning tools, machinery and metal surfaces. Ampla offers kits, such as: AIRSET KIT TUCANO, composed of plastic spring guard, nozzles and pipes.

Kit is customizable to meet customers needs

Transfer pumps are used for:

  • Waste liquid transferring
  • Drums filling
  • Coolant liquid transferring
  • Electrical Discharge Machining liquid transferring
  • Cutting oil transferring

For industries that deal with metal working, transfer pumps allow to transfer waste liquids from one tank to another without exposing the operator to physical risks. Transfer pumps must meet very specific characteristics of mechanical resistance and reliability.