Woodworking applications


Cod. VEN 5010 30

This nozzle uses the venturi principle to increase its flow rate and blowing force. It takes air from the outside instead of the air line. This guarantees energy saving, but with higher performances. Nozzle creates a concetrated and strong jet of air. Side ventilation prevents pressure exceeding 30 PSI (2 Bar) if the tip becomes blocked (conforms with OSHA Std 1-13.1).

Compatible models

Tucano range - TCN304040, TCN354040, TCN524040, TCN10404

Standard range -STD301002, STD351002, STD521002, STD101002

Eco range - ECO301000, ECO351000, ECO521000, ECO100000

Mouse range - MSE3010 04

Pressure range - RTE304040, RSE301002, RME301002


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