Pumps designed to transfer liquids from barrels, drums or storage tanks


AP 50 is a lever action pump. Designed for drum applications like 200 l, 1000 l drums.

Main applications are car and truck repair shops, for example motor oil transfer. Agriculture, when refueling a tractor or machinery. Building industry: machinery refuel. Industry, for waste or new oil transferring. AdBlue®/DEF transfer.


  • Durable Polypropilene construction
  • Telescopic suction hose, adjustable to 3 different heights: 330, 500, 970 mm. To fit various containers sizes
  • Complete kit. AP50 pump comes in a complete kit, ready to use! Pump, telescopic suction hose with filter, 2 meters delivery hose and nozzle
  • Short angled nozzle included: for dispensing fluid at the pump head.
  • Nozzle hanger: keeps hose within reach and off the floor
  • Top handle. To carry the pump around or hang it
  • Self-Priming
  • 2" BSP drum connection
Safe transfer
Pump is made with liquid compatible materials. A quality product, durable, with no leaks or breaks. Can help prevent fluid contamination.

Pump can be opened and its insides cleaned!
Metal parts are made of stainless steel, for an improved durability and corrosion resistance

4 models available, for different application and liquid transfer