Food industry Applications

Food industry

Ampla offers a range of products like:

  • AP 25 F Membrane hand pump

for food liquids transferring and handling. Suitable for industrial applications ranging from the production of soft drinks to the production of food.


Why choose our products?

  • Time saving
  • Safety

These are the 2 main features of our technologies

Ampla offers a wide range of transfer pumps, for fluid handling.


In the food industries it is important to meet deadlines

Ampla offers a type of manual pump that allows you to transfer liquids effectively, quickly, safely for the operator and to preserve the liquid pure during the transfer operation.

Together with the hand pump, Ampla provides a ready-to-use kit. The kit is easy to use and install on a barrel or drum.

All Ampla kits are customizable according to customer needs.



When handling food liquids it is important to maintain their purity, especially since it is a product intended for consumer use.

Ampla APM25 hand pumps are made with FDA (federal food administration) certified materials and comply with European food regulations.




How our product works

Le pompe manuali sono azionabili mediante una leva pratica da usare, leggera e utile per molteplici operazioni di travaso di liquidi. Essendo una pompa adatta al travaso di alimenti, è possibile travasare anche l'acqua.

The manual pumps are lever operated which is an easy handling, light weight and useful system for multiple liquid transfer operations. Pump is suitable for transferring food liquids, water also.

AP 25 F Membrane hand pump is used for:

  • Food liquids tranferring

AP 25 F Membrane hand pump offers a wall support to fix the pump on a wall or workbench. Drum connection is avalable too

These are features that make it versatile and adaptable to many industrial applications, such as for the food industry.