Professional Air blow guns and Transfer pumps

Latest products

1. New desing for the AP 40L electric pump. The update includes the 230, 110, 24 and 12v models. Also, introduced a model for Adblue®/DEF transferring; 230, 110, 24 and 12v 

The following features have been included in the new version

  • Pump offers a 2” BSP connection
  • Can be easily installed or removed thanks to a quick coupling system
  • Pump can be rotated in 10 different positions
  • Side handle works as a cable storage
  • Nozzle hanger: keeps hose within reach and off the floor
  • Available kit with the new AL 100 digital flow meter

2. AL 100 Turbine digital meter

Avilable for Diesel and Adblue®/DEF

3. Braided polyurethane linear hoses

Available in the dimension 6x10 and 8x12 mm. Lenght up to 20 m

4. High visibility spiral hoses

Made of yellow high visibility polyurethane. They are higly identifiable. to prevent tripping and accidents. Available 5x8, 6,5x10 and 8x12 mm. Lenght up to 8 m

5. Flame resitant spiral hoses

Resistant to sparks and welding slags that can reach the hose during machining. Available 5x8, 6,5x10 and 8x12 mm. Lenght up to 8 m. Suitable for welding, metal working, grinding, deburring, sanding.  

6. Two new measuring jug's model

190 Series - Measuring jug with lid

Upper lid allows to close the jug for a safe storage when not using. The front lid, on the spout, reduces possible leaks to minimum. For an improved safety.

195 Series - Measuring jug with lid and flexible spout

Jug equipped with a flexible spout for narrow, hard-to-reach spaces

Two colours available: red and white