Our services

O-rings and Seals

Ampla manufactures o-rings, elastomer parts and gaskets


AMPLA manufactures o-rings in different materials for unaccountable applications. With a stock of over 12.000 NBR 70 shore and FPM 70 shore. On request special o-rings with different dimension or material can be produced in our facilities.

Elastomer parts

The elastomer molding division creates parts according to the customer drawing and requested specifications. Naturally the customer may use a technical assistance service during the part design phase.
Particular focus is placed on the mold production followed by a sampling process for approval and production in compliance with the highest international standards.
It is also possible to provide additional assembly and finishing processing in order to achieve a complete customer-supplier synergy.

Example of compounds:

  • NBR Nitrile rubber 40÷90 -30°+130°
  • EPDM Etylene propylene 50÷80 -50°+150°
  • FPM Fluor carbon rubber 60÷90 -20°+250°
  • VMQ Silicone rubber 30÷80 -50°+230°

Punched Gaskets

AMPLA provides gaskets obtained from sheet or band via punching or water cutting and produced according to customer specifications.
Some examples of materials used:

  • Asbestos-free joints
  • Elastomers: NBR - SBR - EPDM - VMQ - FPM
  • Coated fabric
  • Cork-rubber
  • Oil-resistant impregnated papers
  • Thermoplastics
  • Foams