Professional and safe blow guns


Airset AMPLA pressure reduced blow guns offer safety, noise reduction and energy saving. If you use many pneumatic tools in your facility, this blow guns will help you save!

Inlet pressure is reduced from 6 bar (90 psi) to 3.5 bar (50 psi). Less pressure means a safer and more efficient air flow 

Why use a pressure reduced blow gun?

  • Noise reduction: Air flow is very quiet.
  • Energy saving: Built in pressure reducer from 6 bar, to 3.5 bar (or 6 bar to 2 bar), allows to consume less air.
  • Safety: blow guns meet European and OSHA regulation; Suva Pro certification as well.

Noise is often recognized as one of our largest work environment problems. Usually, it is said that noise affects us in three ways:

  • Psychological: Noise can often be perceived as psycologically exhausting and distracting.
  • Masking: The noise can also mask other sounds, this will make it harder for the worker to perceive other sounds.
  • Physical: A person that is exposed to loud noise repeatedly will risk hearing damage.

Compressed air costs. Pressure reducer can help you save money.

It consumes less air; up to 50%!