Spirals made of polyurethane 95 shore, with swiveling fittings, fitted with plastic spring guard and o-rings (no need for teflon). To connect pneumatic tools or blow guns to an air compressed system or compressor. Also suitable for fluids like detergents

Spiral hoses are ideal for air tools used at varying distances from a fixed air outlet. They can be easily stretched and retracts immediately when released. When used with hand-held tools, its self-storage principle ensures that the hose is kept off the floor and out of the way of the operator.

All models have ball bearing swivels fitted to allow complete rotation. All spiral hoses, are fitted with plastic spring guard: scratchproof, especially on delicate surfaces.


  • Made of polyurethane 95 shore
  • Swiveling fittings, male 1/4"
  • Fittings equipped with o-rings: no need to put teflon on fittings, ready to use with no air leaks!
  • Fitted with plastic spring guard: scratchproof, especially on delicate surfaces
Available in different diameter and length.

Hoses can be customized with customers colour