Pumps designed to transfer liquids from barrels, drums or storage tanks


AP 40L is a centrifugal pump. Suitable for barrel or tank transfercan transfer different liquids such as water, anti-freeze, diesel, motor oil. Model available also for Adblue®/DEF transferring. The small size and weight, just 4 kg, allow to use the AP 40L pump in different application like agriculture, automotive, construction company and industry; for an easy, comfortable and safe fluid transferring.


Anti-siphon system

AP 40L pump offers a built-in anti-siphon valve. When pumping from a higher position than the output tank or can, siphoning effect can occur: liquid flow is powered by the fall, due to gravity, rather than the pump engine .This can get your drum empty in a very short time! AP 40L adopts a valve which is designed to prevent siphoning of liquid from an aboveground drum to the delivery hose installed at a lower level.


AP 40L pump offers a motor with double insulated body, this makes the pump robust and durable. Moreover, double insulation allows water and emulsion transferring in complete safety. AP 40L pump has IPX4 (protection against splashing water) and CE marking.

Metal parts are made of stainless steel, for an improved durability and corrosion resistance.

Complete kit

AP 40L pump comes in a complete kit: ready to use! Kit is composed of a telescopic suction tube with filter (adjustable from 330 to 970 mm high), delivery hose, manual dispensing nozzle and power cables. Pump offers a built-in drum connection with 2" BSP.

Pump is available with different voltage, 230V and 110V (USA). 12V and 24V with jumper cables, for battery plug. Useful, for example, in agriculture and construction industry.