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AL 100 Turbine digital flow meter - For Diesel

Cod. ALD10010

AL 100 is a digital turbine meter for displaying the flow of Diesel. It can be installed on a pump, system, line or at the end of the delivery hose. For example: before the dispensing gun of a re-fuel station.

Thanks to its body, made of technopolymer and gum covered, AL 100 it’s suitable for any kind of working environment. Electronics are sealed to prevent malfunctioning caused by dust or liquid infiltration.

Easy to install, with a 4 positions Swivel screen. 

Handy and safe: batteries change it’s made without access to the electronics. Powered from 2 batteries AAA 1,5 V

Adpter F/F 1” included

  • Work function: shows together Partial 5 digits, from 0,01 to 9.999 and Total, 5 digits, from 0,1 to 99.999 resettable
  • Total, resettable, 9 digits, from 0,1 to 999.999.999
  • Total, non-resettable, 9 digits, from 0,1 to 999.999.999
  • Flow rate, up to 100 l/m
  • Units available: Liters (l), Gallons (G), Quarts (qt) e Pints (pt)
  • Calibration: to ensure maximum precision
  • Low battery warning


Connection M/M 1” BSP
Working temperature -10° + 40°/14 °F to 104 °F
Liquid temperature -10° + 35°/14 °F to 95°F
Min. Flow rate 15 l/m/3,96 gpm
Max. flow rate 100 l/m/26,42 gpm
Max. pressure 20 bar/290 psi
Dimension 118x59x82 mm/4,64x2,32x3,22 in
Power 2x 1,5 V AAA


Body Technopolymer
Turbine Technopolymer

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