Woodworking applications


Ampla offers a range of professional products like: 

  • Air blow guns, for tools and surfaces cleaning
  • Spiral hoses, for connecting blow guns or other pneumatic tools. Fitted with plastic guard, scratchproof

To use during woodworking

During woodworking activities, like cutting, milling, drilling, planing, sanding, a large number of chips is generated. These chips need to be removed by the workers.

Ampla offers air blow guns suitable for removing those chips with efficiency and safety

Our production offers blow guns and spiral hoses.


Why choose our products?

  • Time saving
  • Safety

Let us show you the features of our products

Ampla offers a range of air blow guns, used for working areas, machineries, surfaces cleaning


It is fundamental, for a worker, to complete his job in the minimum time

Ampla products allow to remove chips quickly which create during the woodworking activities. Ampla designed air blow guns with a wide flow and high blowing force; which allow to clean large areas in short time.

They are easy handling, light weight, maneuverable. Adapt for right/left hand users.



Utilizzare le pistole di soffiaggio può causare, ai lavoratori, seri rischi agli occhi e all'udito.

Using air blow guns can cause serious risks to eyes and hearing

Per questi motivi, le pistole di soffiaggio devono soddisfare i seguenti criteri di sicurezza:

For these reasons, air blow guns must meet the following safety criteria.

  • Noise reduction
  • Meet safety regulations
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Durability

Ampla air blow guns meet these criteria. They combine high blowing force and reduce noise levels to guarantee a safe use.

We offer protective and extended nozzles, to protect user from possible floating chips.




How our products work

Ampla air blow guns are designed for different industries workers, woodworkers as well

Air blow guns are used for:

  • Chips removing
  • Chips cleaning
  • Machinery cleaning like: band saw, planer, cutter, mortiser
  • Work bench cleaning
  • Tools, machineries, surfaces cleaning

Spiral hoses are used for:

  • Connecting small or big pneumatic tools

Spiral hoses are fitted with plastic spring guard, designed to not scratch wood surfaces. This guard also protects hose from bending damages